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Open Access Broadband Projects

To extend affordable Broadband access for all, there is a need to drive fibre access to deep rural and underserve areas. This is only possible by taking with an open access fiber network allowing multiple MNOs and ISPs to utilize the same network.

Digital Financial Services

Financial services sector in most emerging market countries has evolved over the last few years; the number of banked population has been increasing as the economy grows. Cashless transaction is also gaining acceptance with the prevalent use …

Digital Entrepreneur Initiatives

In todays connected society, a good broadband network is most important
infrastructure for economic development. Broadband network infrastructure is critical in enabling digitalization of industries hence increasing efficiency, effectiveness and …

School Connect Projects

The Education sector is key in driving the uptake of digital service and hence digital and financial inclusion in developing markets. Providing broadband connectivity to education institutions coupled with e-learning platforms facilitating a total …

Wholesale LTE Projects

According to Cisco Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2015–2020 White Paper, it is expected that global mobile data traffic will grow by 8 fold over the period 2015 –2020. Mobile data traffic will grow as a compound annual growth rate of 53% to …