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Digital Entrepreneur Initiatives

In todays connected society, a good broadband network is most important
infrastructure for economic development. Broadband network infrastructure is critical in enabling digitalization of industries hence increasing efficiency, effectiveness and growing addressable markets. It is key to growing industries and hence overall economy. The World Bank (2009) has estimated that a 10% increase in broadband penetration would yield a 1.21 and 1.38% increase in GDP growth on average for high-income and low/middle-income countries respectively.

Deepen broadband connectivity to rural and underserve semi urban communities, bridging the digital divide, while driving digital services inclusion. The digital Entrepreneurship initiative is geared at empowering local entrepreneurs with the knowhow to drive digital services within their own communities. By empowering local entrepreneurs, allowing them to create value for themselves and their families within their own communities and thereby driving sustainability and adoption of digital services.