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Digital Financial Services

Financial services sector in most emerging market countries has evolved over the last few years; the number of banked population has been increasing as the economy grows. Cashless transaction is also gaining acceptance with the prevalent use of ATM and POS systems among the banked population. Despite the progress made in the financial services sector, the percentage of the unbanked population is still high compared to the proportion of the population that have access to mobile telephony service.

Silver Rock is convinced that the most effective way to reaching the unbanked is to leverage on mobile technology platform to offer digital financial services that deepen financial inclusion especially in semi urban and rural population where the brick and mortar approach to banking will be less effective.

Silver Rock is positioned to help financial services institution such the traditional commercial banks to develop a mobile money strategy while providing execution management support to these organizations as they build internal capabilities and strong agent network presence towards becoming a leading mobile player in the mobile money market place.