We always aim at satisfying and delighting our customers

We are committed to client value creation through strong and efficient execution.

Client Profile

Our business is focused on clients and service providers in the communication technology sector, banking and financial services sector as well as the government regulatory sector.

Regardless of the size of our client’s business or the business maturity phase that their business are in, Silver Rock’s focus is to put our customers interests first as we address each business challenge within the context of the unique macro-economic and socio-political realities of the market wherein our clients operate. Taking this approach helps us to factor in every factor that could help our clients gain competitive advantage over its rivals.

Focus on Africa and other Emerging Markets

We are passionate about Africa in general and other emerging markets; our various value propositions center around developing topnotch innovative solutions that will bring tremendous benefits to the populace.

We understand the uniqueness of our markets and their specific requirements underscoring our belief that the approach to ensure success in the various markets is never a “one size fit all approach”. We focus on the market realities and we create solutions to business challenges that are adaptable to our client’s needs.